Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm back💋

                                                                    Bieber News:

Hey! I'm back!
I know I haven't been on lately and it was because of some personal stuff that has happened in my life. If you are still with me, I appreciate it more than ever. 

I have so much to say and I am going to start out with Justin's Birthday!

                                                                   Bieber Birthday:
                March 1st, 1994, a beautiful baby boy was born. His name: Justin Drew Bieber. 

A few days ago, Justin turned 20. Justin is no longer a teenager. Is that crazy or what?
Justin and some of his friends/family went to the Bahama's for his 20th birthday. I think it is good that he went away with people who really care about him (i.e. Alfredo, Ryan, ect.)

There was a lot iof pictures posted on Instagram from people on his team wishing him a happy birthday. 





 And many more. 

A lot of famous people also tweeted Justin a happy birthday.

Well Justin, I hope you had a very happy 20th birthday. We love you to pieces.

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I have new updating days. I will have new posts every Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Every week I will have a surprise update on everything which means I could also update on a Monday or a Friday and maybe even have some giveaways.

Monday, August 5, 2013


I haven't been on lately and I 'm sorry for that. This week I promise I will post more and maybe have a giveaway...

Stay tuned xoxo

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Key...

Bieber News:

Yesterday was a mess and my emotions were everywhere.

Me, being the belieber I am, stayed up all night waiting for the countdown to finish so that I could see what the countdown was leading up to. Honestly I wasn't too shocked when Justin tweeted about Heartbreaker, because I already had a theory that Justin would release Heartbreaker on the countdown. Unfortunately my theory was wrong.

The countdown ended and nothing happened. I, along with many other beliebers, were disappointed thinking that we had stayed up all night for nothing. I would have been super pissed if I had ended up staying awake for nothing.

Anyway, the countdown was for a thirty second teaser for #TheKey commercial and let me tell you... IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!

The background music for the commercial was the instrumental for Heartbreaker and it was fantastic!

We can all say that Justin made us excited for Heartbreaker and the Key. I already have the Key, I got it the day it went on sale and it smells amazing! If you are debating on buying it or not... you better buy it!

Well I'm signing off, love you guys!

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Let's have a moment of silence for Cory Montieth who had such a shocking death this past Saturday. He will Forever be remembered. #RIPCoryMontieth


Let's have a moment of silence for our beautiful Talia. She was so strong. I adored her. You will forever be remembered and remember #JustKeepSwimming #RIPTalia

They are both with Avalanna now! our queen! #RIPAvalanna

Friday, July 12, 2013

What is your story?

Story time:

So I know you all have heard of Bieber experiences and stories and it's time you shared yours! I would love to hear about how you became a belieber.

I want to hear about...
What made you like Justin?
What made you want to be a belieber?
Are you a hardcore belieber?
Who have you met and are they long time friends? 
How long have you been a belieber?
What is your favorite song on each album?
What is the best thing you have learned from Justin?
What is it like to be in love with one of the most popular singers out there?
Who is your favorite crew member?

My answers:

What made you like Justin? What made me like Justin was his voice and his heart. He has such talent and his heart is so caring.
What made you want to be a belieber? I wanted to be a belieber because it was something that was different. I knew that not everyone would like him and that made it hard but I loved how I could trust him and I didn't even know him.
Are you a hardcore belieber? I am definitely a hardcore belieber. Because once a belieber, always a belieber.
Who have you met and are they long time friends? I have met so many people because of Justin such as Destiny, Emily, Mia, ect. They will definitely be long time friends.

How long have you been a belieber? I have been a belieber since October of 2009 :) I am going on 4 years now :)
What is your favorite song on each album? it's so hard to decide but here are some...
My World: Favorite Girl
My World 2.0: Up or Overboard or Runaway Love lol
Under The Mistletoe: All I want Is You and Christmas Eve
Believe: Out of Town Girl, Catching Feelings, and Love Me Like You Do (They change everyday)
Believe Acoustic: I Would
Never Say Never Remixes: Born To Be Somebody
What is the best thing you have learned from Justin? That even when people say you can't do something you just have to believe in yourself and Never say never because anything can happen.
What is it like to be in love with one of the most popular singers out there? Honestly to me Justin isn't a pop star. When I see Justin, I see a teenager with a golden heart. I love him because he loves me. It is hard but in all honesty it is worth it.

Who is your favorite crew member? Kenny, Alfredo, Allison, and Scrappy... I can't chose just one because they are all amazing! Kenny is super nice! Alfredo is always helping and he has a heart of gold! Allison is super funny! and Scrappy is just amazing because I mean... he's Scrappy!

Thank you for reading today and Please... let me know what you think :)
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Piss in a bucket...

Justin Bieber News:

On July 10th, 2013 a video was released from TMZ showing Justin urinating in a yellow bucket.
But honestly people are throwing this out of proportion. 

I found it funny to be quite honest with you. Justin is a nineteen year old boy, maybe possibly eighteen in that video, and I think he was just being a teenager having fun with his boys.
Now many of you heard him say, "F*ck Bill Clinton" and a lot of people took that the wrong way and got mad. While everyone was mad over that, Justin had called the former president and apologized for the words in the video.

Justin tweeted this to the president afterwards: https://twitter.com/justinbieber/status/355108223323348992

We didn't know about it at the time but according to insiders Clinton apparently said to Justin that he should, 'focus on the good he can do...' and that he had done something similar once and so on.

People were obviously shocked when the video came out but at the same time, Beliebers and some adults had more of an understanding and didn't judge him too quickly. Honestly, if Bill Clinton can let this all blow over so should you.

Justin is a nineteen year old boy who is growing up in front of the cameras and of course he is going to make mistakes.

Let's just remember, don't be the one to judge him so quickly. You never know the reason behind his actions.

If you have any questions, comment, or you have your own opinion that you want voiced, leave a comment.

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Drama, Drama, and Jelena?

It's all about the music:

So lately in the press you have been hearing about many mishaps with Justin. There has been a lot of controversy towards Jelena as well.

Today I am giving my opinion on everything that is happening.

Jelena Drama:

Many of you have listened to the leaked version of 'Love Will Remember' by Selena Gomez and I know if you are a belieber, you have listened to 'Nothing Like Us' by Justin Bieber . I know that now, since you have heard both songs you have a strong opinion on their relationship but sometimes beliebers, selenators, and even jelenators get out of hand.

Beliebers: you send lots of hate to Selena and no matter how much you don't like her or how much you hate Jelena, sending hate to Selena isn't going to solve anything. It's going to make matters worse and honestly it's going way too far and you are being childish. Yes, I do not support Jelena, but I don't send hate to Selena. She's human too and she gets affected by our harsh words just as much as you would be affected if someone was hating on you. I also don't send hate to Selena because I have enough respect towards Justin to not hate the ones he loves. Sending hate to Selena is not only hurting Selena but it hurts Justin as well. You don't want to hurt Justin, do you?
Selenators: You are just as bad so don't think I am letting you off the hook. Fighting and hating on Beliebers because they are hating on Selena isn't going to solve anything either. If anything it is just adding fuel to an already out of control fire. I understand, you are mad because Beliebers are hating on your fave and in all honesty, I get defensive too when I hear someone talking smack about Justin. The thing is though you don't have to go to extreme's to hurt Beliebers. They are hurt because Selena publicly humiliated Justin and hurt him. We have a reason to be mad at Selena but that does not give us the right to hate on her. You also don't have a reason to hate on beliebers. I think we should just keep the hateful words and actions to a minimum, if so there should be none at all.

Jelenators: Oh have I got words for you. You guys take it to the maximum extreme. I understand you guys ship and support Jelena. Good for you! But you don't have to go to extreme measures by hating on anyone who doesn't ship them. We all have our own opinions on their relationship. Some people will hate it and some people will love it. In this industry, not everyone is going to like and support the same thing. 

But that's kind of my point. We can all have our own opinions but really, what are we even worrying so much about Jelena? What is so interesting and important about a messy relationship? (and don't even say it's not messy because the truth is, it is.)  I don't understand to be honest.

When I became a Belieber, it was all about the music and nothing else. I mean isn't that what it's supposed to be about though? I mean I do understand, you are probably thinking, 'but they shared their personal break up to us over music so they obviously want us to talk about it' And my answer to that is; that is not true.

Justin and Selena weren't telling us what happened so that everyone would talk about it, even though that is how it seems. Although, me being the over analyzing person I am, I thought this through. To be honest, they were simply communicating to each other through music because music is the only language they know how to express their feelings in. So necessarily they weren't telling us, they were telling each other.

But what bugs me the most is that Justin and Selena just keep going at it. Like I understand you guys love each other and such but after all the make ups and break ups, don't you think it's finally time to call it quits?

If you have any Jelena comments or if you just want to rant as well please comment and I will read them!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New blog? I think so!

Hey you guys,
I am a new blogger. I decided to make a blog because ranting and being honest on other social media sites it hard.
This is where I can be anonymous and yet speak my opinion without getting hate!
 I talk mostly about things that are going on in Justin's life such as music, tour dates, and I speak out my thoughts about all the criticism he gets.

If you like this blog, tweet about it on Twitter with the hash tag #BieberTalkBlogger :)

thank you so much and stay tuned for more...

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